Our commitment to society

At T.C. Pharma, we believe in giving back, in setting a positive example for society, showing through our actions that successful businesses should not only focus on making profits, but also sharing their success with the wider community.

When one has the means, one should give back to the community.

– Mr Chaleo Yoovidhya

27 years of

“Kindness from the King” Project: Building weirs to develop an irrigation system in rural farming areas in the northeast of Thailand.

59 years of
social support

Committed to improving quality of living for communities through providing aid to victims of natural disasters, contributing to religious causes and supporting the development of local communities.

14 years of

Supporting students to establish projects that drive sustainable development in their communities.

8 years of

“Kratingdaeng Spirit” Project: Supporting the sustainable development of under-privileged communities.

5 years of
focusing on
food security

Goodness Rice Project: Cooperation between business and farmers to produce organic rice that is environmentally friendly and enhances the food safety of the nation.